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Blipvert Can Crushers World's best Can Crushers for Can Recycling purpose.

Can Recycling
  • It is a child's game.
  • It is easily emptied.
  • Maximum security.
Can Crusher
  • Mannual mechanism.
  • It always adapts to the environment.
  • Installed in Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium,..
  • Demonstrated reliability and robustness in the street.

Blipvert recycles more than one million cans every summer

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The Blipvert Can Crusher is the best design and collects huge volume of garbage can. It is approximately 2000 empty can in every bag, and modifies it in simplest manner. The Aluminum Can Crusher quickly crushes can and easy to hold the handle and pushed the foot lever down. It made effective and the best electronic machine from very low price and recycled items. It changes the can volume upto 80%.

Everyone reject their unwanted can, when we decided to make best electronic machine that crushed cans. This can recycling is a process is very well. Many people are aware for Can Recycling the waste product and help in recycling for future perspective, We are advertising our new can crusher design and people response well and the model is very good for work, It is very comfortable to use and reliable. Our advertisement is very attractive and it provides us good response.


We crush cans in Points


We export to Countries


We sell to Customers

Not only creativity
Cans Crusher
Ideas that lead to new actions

Hidden Mechanism

Hidden mechanism that means safety. Active manner using the easy Can Crusher.

Brand & Identity

No electric power needed Absolute manual, Absolute ecologic.


Experience of more than 25 years that means strength, quality and warranty.

A Unique Advertising model

Blipvert Can Crusher are not only best at Can Recycling but best in advertising too

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